5th Annual
International Conference on Business Learning Games

(Date and location TBD)

The International Conference on Business Learning Games (ICOBLG) is an annual conference which brings together multi-disciplinary experts from business, education, and learning games. It is attended by HR professionals from organizations large and small, by companies in the training and learning games space, and by edu­cators. It aims to promote innovation and use of business learning games and delivers a unique opportunity to network, share ideas, and find solutions to help drive improvement and enhance business outcomes in an era of ongoing change.

Learning games shift the focus from “being taught” to “learning”, facilitating learning for even the most seasoned of executives. They are powerful tools which can be very effective in helping people master the skills needed in today’s work environment. Everything from creative and critical thinking, teamwork, communication, and leadership to the ability to quickly digest and analyze information, dynamically adapt to changing circumstances, and make decisions in the face of uncertainty.

The conference is a two day event which consists of a Games Showcase, talks by leading industry experts, and panel discussions amongst a varied cohort from the business learning games industy.

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We are now accepting expressions of interest for sponsorship of the International Conference on Business Learning Games 2024. Sponsoring the conference will position your organization as an innovative thought leader at the cutting edge.

Previous Conferences

Founded in 2016, the International Conference on Business Learning Games is organized by The Business Excellence Institute. You can find details of previous conferences here. The video below is a snapshot of the most recent International Conference on Business Learning Games held in Lisbon in 2019:




At BEX we have decades of experience using and designing learning games. We use games in many of our classroom and workshop training courses and have designed games to help people at all stages of their careers achieve a wide range of learnings. APEX – the Boardroom Board GameTM – is the Institute’s game to help executives learn how to achieve excellence. Key learnings include:

  • How to be strategic
  • How to make decisions in the face of uncertainty
  • How to manage your organization to deliver outstanding results for its stakeholders
  • How to work as an effective team
  • Lessons on leadership, risk, communication, and resource management