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Any game (in any format – non-digital or digital) that enables players to learn something about business, the running of an organization, or a discipline that directly applies to business, management, or work can be entered. Games can target executive development, people studying business in school or university, or anybody in the public or private sector work space – it’s wide open. Entries can be anything from simulations to games that help people learn things such as strategy, project management, how to give people feedback, teamwork, how to make better decisions, communication skills… the list is almost endless.

In addition to the opportunity to win an award, it’s an opportunity to get feedback on your game(s), it is a great way to get exposure and possibly even secure distribution to markets you cannot reach on your own.

Yes. Games can be in any language (though the submission needs to be in English). If the Institute doesn’t have judges who can speak the game’s language, you may be required to assist judges play the game. The judges can speak English, French, Italian, German, Greek, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish and have the ability to call on support for Arabic, Chinese, and Farsi.

There is a nominal registration fee of €100 plus VAT (approx US$120) to cover administration. The fee is payable on entry. 

Yes, but please note that at least one person is needed to showcase every game submitted to the Games Showcase.


The games are evaluated by an international panel of judges who combine pedagogical, business, and game design expertise. They evaluate games using the Institute’s Business Learning Games Assessment Rubric, systematically looking at a number of factors including:


  • The game’s purpose – its “learning objective”
  • Alignment of the learning objective with the target audience 
  • The quality and value of the learning(s)
  • Learning Delivery – how well the game delivers on its learning objective 
  • Framing/fictional context 
  • Game Mechanics 
  • Look & Feel 
  • The context within which the game is played – its “ecosystem” 
  • Overall coherence

The winners will be announced on the first evening of Conference at the International Business Learning Games Awards Ceremony dinner.

Games Showcase & Awards Ceremony

The location of the 5th Annual International Business Learning Games Conference in 2023 has not yet been confirmed.

Tickets go on sale – TBD 2023. Please follow our social media channels for further updates.

Ticket prices can be found here.


The location of the 5th Annual International Business Learning Games Conference in 2023 has not yet been confirmed. Once a location has been confirmed, we will provide a list of accommodation options for the event.

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