To qualify for entry, submissions must:

1. Qualify as a Business Learning Game

Games can be in any format, digital or non-digital, but submissions must conform to the definition of a game as being:
“A form of structured play, defined by rules, that involves interaction – either with other people or a system – and has a challenge or goal that needs to be achieved.”

They must also enable players to learn something about business, the running of an organization, or a discipline that directly applies to work or some form of business.

2. Meet The Following Requirements

  • The person, group of people, or entity entering the game must have developed and produced the game or otherwise own the intellectual property rights to the game.
  • Employees of the Institute (or any of their family members), employees of any Competition Sponsor (or any of their family members), and family members of Competition Judges may not submit entries. A “family members” is defined as; a parent, child, sibling, spouse or civil partner, grand-parent, grand-child, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, and first-cousin.

Additional Rules

  • Submissions must be complete and submitted on before the deadline (with the registration fee paid) to qualify for entry.
  • Game can be in any language but submissions must be in English and if the Institute doesn’t have judges who can speak the game’s language, assistance teaching people how to play it must be provided.
  • In order to facilitate judging, it must be possible for the judges to play the games so the games need to be submitted on schedule or the entry will be eliminated (3 copies/game sets are required with each submission).
    Details on how to submit games will be provided once your entry has been accepted. Games will be returned at the finals.
  • Entries that make it past the first round must have at least one representative attend the International Conference On Business Learning Games to represent the entry in the Finals (each game needs a dedicated person to Showcase it) or the entry is disqualified.
  • The decision of the judges is final and cannot be appealed.
  • By entering a game in the Competition, you grant The Business Excellence Institute a non-irrevocable worldwide right to reference the game and use photos and/or video of it for the purposes of promoting the competition and informing its members and the public at large about such things as the competition, its entries, and its results.