Games Showcase

The Games Showcase is a fundamental part of the International Conference on Business Learning Games. It attracts delegates from the fields of business, education, and HR who are looking for an innovative and disruptive solution to their training needs. Conference delegates will have the opportunity to see the game, watch a demonstration, or even play the games themselves during the Games Showcase. 


For games developers, the Games Showcase facilitates personal interaction between the developer/sales representative and potential clients. It is a unique opportunity to demonstrate games to potential clients, making it an effective marketing event to promote business games. It also provides an ideal forum in which to network with fellow games developers and industry experts. 


The Games Showcase is open to any game (in any format – non-digital or digital) that enables players to learn something about business, the running of an organization, or a discipline that directly applies to business, management, or work. Games can target executive development, business students at schools or universities, or anybody in the public or private sector work space. Entries can be anything from simulations to games that help people learn things such as strategy, project management, how to give people feedback, teamwork, how to make better decisions, communication skills…the list is almost endless! Games developers may submit more than one game provided that there is a dedicated person present at the Conference to showcase each game. 

Entry to the Games Showcase

Submission date for entry to the Games Showcase in 2024 has not yet been announced. Follow the International Conference on Business Learning Games on social media for updates!

To enter the games showcase, submissions must:



Games can be in any format, digital or non-digital, but submissions must conform to the definition of a game as being”

“A form of structured play, defined by the rules, that involves interaction – either with other people or a system – and has a challenge or goal that needs to be achieved.”


They must also enable players to learn something about business, the running of an organization, or a discipline that directly applies to work or some form of business.



– The person, group of people, or entity entering the game must have developed and produced the game or otherwise own the intellectual property rights to the game.


Additional Requirements

– Submissions must be complete and submitted before the deadline (2024 – TBC) and the registration fee must be paid in order to enter the Games Showcase.

– Games can be in any language, however, assistance teaching people how to play it must be provided.

– By entering a game in the Games Showcase, you grant The Business Excellence Institute a non-irrevocable worldwide right to reference the game and use photos and/or video of it for the purposes of promoting the Conference and informing its members and the public at large about such thing as the Conference, its participants, and its sponsors.

If  you would like further information about the Games Showcase, please get in touch!