Universidade NOVA de Lisboa is the youngest of Lisbon’s three state Universities and NOVA IMS is its Information Management School. It focuses on excellence in teaching, learning, and research making it a wonderful partner for the ICOBLG.

Delta Q is the innovation the flagship of the Portuguese coffee group Grupo Nabeiro. Delta Q is an exclusive, patented system of coffee capsules that works as a closed system of machines and capsules to provided the most demanding consumers with the most perfect espresso. Launched in 2007, with a leading position in Portugal, Delta Q is a unique and perfect espresso that can be easily found and served. Grupo Nabeiro is a family run business – now with the third generation serving on the board – with properties in 47 countries.

VitalBlinks is a business decision-making board game for MBA students, professionals, and entrepreneurs. It explores economic game theories and their application to real-word crisis management scenarios.

SMFC (Soluções De Melhoria, Formação E Consultoria) is a Portuguese consulting and training company active in Europe and Africa. It is headed up by Patrícia Carvalho who is a Fellow of the Business Excellence Institute.