Entry Submission

Entry Submission

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Submission Guidance

Provide a short description or pitch for your game, specifying the:

  • Learning Objective
  • Target audience
  • Context (when, where, how often & by how many people it's played, its duration, if it is collaborative or competitive, if it's facilitated, etc.)
  • A link to a short video pitching your game (it doesn't need to be a professional video)
  • … and comment on how learning is enabled and what you think is unique/important about the learning in the game.

    In order to enable the judges get the best possible overview of your game, consider also providing some or all of the following:

    • Video of game play links
    • Play test results
    • Independent feedback & testimonials

Required Confirmations

The details of this submission are true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

I agree that at least one person representing this game will attend the International Business Learning Games Awards if it makes it to the second round.

I hereby give The Business Excellence Institute a non-irrevocable worldwide right to reference the game, my name (and that of my organization where applicable), and to use photos and/or video of it for the purposes of promoting the competition and informing its members and the public at large about such things as the competition, its entries, and its results.