The 2019 International Conference On Business Learning Games will feature the new learning participation game Vampires! which has been designed for the conference by Paul O’Connor of SCENARIO Serious Games.

Vampires! has been carefully crafted to encourage participation in networking and engagement between international attendees, with different first languages, in a multi-cultural conference.

You have been warned.

To encourage delegates to participate fully in the exercise – and to align with the Institute’s values – delegates will be split into groups and each assigned to a medical charity. If the vampires win, a donation will be made to the World Federation of Hemophilia, if the vampires lose, a donation will be made to Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders).


About Paul

Paul O'Connor


Paul is the founder and Principal of SCENARIO, a Serious Games company that designs and facilitates bespoke scenario exercises, business wargames, megagames, matrix games, and historical wargames to enable businesses, organisations and educators to “think and experience the unthinkable”.

Paul presented at the 2018 International Learning Games Competition and we’re excited to have him back…. if a little worried about the vampires. 🙂

Image by Carniphage, adapted. CC by 2.0